JCCS is Jack Samels, a graphic designer and art director currently living in Amsterdam.

Selected Work ︎
Global SS’18 Campaign

We Are Pi helped launch Ace & Tate's SS/18 collection with a new creative platform inspired by the beauty of complexity, “Me, Myself & I”; focusing on the people behind the frames.

We showcased six complex and incredibly unique characters and the different sides of their identities that form a cohesive self.

We encouraged consumers to look at different aspects of themselves and not be defined by a single style of glasses, include a British furniture designer, a Swedish social worker and a German DJ.

I worked as a creative from the conception to the film shoot the delivery of final files.

Stills and film shot by bafic.




Desperados + Mount Kimbie
Train Trax
Global Campaign

Together with elecro-wizards Mount Kimbie, we turned a 10 tonne train into a musical experiment with +35 million views on the public rails on Warsaw.

Train and track were wired with RFID sensors, that triggered musical notes and drums when the train sped through. Onboard the band played live, sync'd to the beat. And as the train's speed increased, so did the BPM of the track. Fans and party-goers in the carriage joined in, activating samples and light shows.

We filmed for vertical, knowing the majority of views are on a mobile device. The act was also the linchpin in a localised strategy of activations that transformed journeys into party destinations across 7 markets.



Graphic Design

A collection of graphics from music gigs to poetic insanity in the form of pixels.

Lot 61 Coffee Roasters
Packaging Re-Design

Amsterdam coffee roasters and cafe Lot Sixty One wanted a new look for their product packaging to give them a strong visual identity. We worked closely with them to develop a color palette and design that fit their fresh yet classic style.

Jack Samels 2018